Collection: Inspired by Spring/Summer

"Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about."⁠

This is the time of the year when Nature is in full bloom, and so are we! 

We have radiant skin and feel more energized by the warm weather, let's just remember to stay hydrated! Pack your stainless steel bottle wherever you go or prepare a jug of refreshing ice tea!

Long summer nights in good company. Discover our favourite goods for your outdoor party, sustainable olive wood, handblown beldi glass and washed table linen. Did you know that Palo Santo also works as mosquito repellent? 

A day at the beach is our upcycled bracelets made of flip-flops. Wear them when you swim in the ocean or for lazy days by the pool. 

Now is the ideal time for selfcare. We have a wide range of cosmetics that are natural, vegan, and super travel-friendly!