Home goods & gifts to elevate your everyday.

Alpaca wool scarfs & plaids

The Alpaca Loca products are fairtade made with the finest Alpaca wool... 

Tableware & Dining

À Table! This is our happy place. Dress you table with beautiful handmade ceramics,... 

We believe in simple, timeless, and unik designs.

  • Unik & Timeless

    Beautiful and functional designed items travel through time; they fit naturally into every style of interior and last far beyond a seasonal trend.

  • Unik & Materials

    Giving priority to organic materials. Good design translated into recyclable, compostable and biodegradable items for your natural home.

  • Unik Savoir-faire

    We are inspired by age-old craftsmanship that has been passed on from generation to generation. a unik savoir-faire, a glimpse into a lost civilisation.

  • Unik & small

    Shop small - Independant brands carry a true passion for their craft. It is about the unik story behind. Their work is a reflection of who they really are. 

Looking for a Unik gift? We offer free gift wrap just leave us a note!

Fair trade

Believing in the original spirit of fair trade these brands establish sustainable... 


At Unik by Nature we aim to conserve craftsmanship that has been...