Collection: Low waste living

Here are 10 simple ways to introduced low waste into your life. It is all about making better choices on a daily basis! 

  1. Bring a re-usable shopping bagThis one is super easy!
  2. 2021 means Bye bye plastic strawsLet’s be honest – straws really aren’t necessary (but we still like to sip on a cold drink with a re-usable bamboo straw)
  3.  Use a wooden dishbrush with marseille soap - so green and so simple
  4.  Bring your own water bottle - always!
  5.  Use re-usable furoshiki wrapping for your presents - again and again!

In your low waste bathroom: 

  1. Use bar soap, solid shampoo and lotion - Thumbs up for natural bar soap products that skip the plastic, not to mention how practical they are to travel with, just place them in your tin box. 
  2. Use reusable make up remover pads - have been using my set for years now and still going strong 
  3. Use wooden cotton buds - the eco-friendly and plastic-free alternative to disposable cotton buds.
  4. Use a bamboo saftey razor - a great choice that last a lifetime just change the metal blades. 

No° 10 Last but not least  - make it fun, be creative, reduce, reuse, recycle and make it last!