Our Values


Shop for Change
We believe in choosing what you buy can have positive impact on people lives while respecting the environment. A complex path where every little stone matters. We did not just randomly pick our products. We selected makers & brands that are passionate about their craft, true to their heritage and truly "Unik".
Our values & ways to make a positive impact:
- Our goods are Ethically Sourced; goods are produced and purchased in a manner that demonstrates respect for the people who produce them as well as for the environment.
- Empower the Maasai Women & their communities by buying Sidai Designs handmade beaded products.
- Help Hindbag with their mission to empower Indian women and children to  realize their potential - through education, skills & income.
- Iris Hantverk is a socially engaged Swedish company offering work oportunities for visually impaired craftsmen. 
- All of our body care & cosmetic range have never been tested on animals. 
- Savon & Stories products are all handmade, organic and with the label: Cruelty Free & Vegan.
- Our herbal infusions are made in Europe handpicked & organic. 
- We sell only linen made in Europe. Flax, the plant from which Linen is made, is  resilient and can grow in poor soil, using far less water than cotton. We designed our own Home Linen collection that is made in Europe. 
-  Discover our large choice of products made out of recycled materials.
- We do not use plastic, only recycled paper in our shipping boxes, to secure the boxes we use biodegradable adhesive tape. 
- Giving priority to organic materials, like wood & linen helps to reduce the negative impact on our environment.
- Made in Europe,we support the European know-how, workers and craftmanship. By choosing products with European origin the environmental impact is lowered and the production process is regulated, 64%* of our goods are made in Europe, *based on a calculation made 01/12/2018


Unik by Nature - A sustainable choice for conscious living.