Collection: Olive Wood

Strong and sturdy Olive wood for your home is as practical as it is beautiful. 

Olive wood comes from the Olive tree, one of the most symbolic trees in history. Olive trees were first cultivated over 7,000 years ago in the Mediterranean, and continue to flourish within the region and all over the world. With a lifespan of up to 600 years, Olive trees represent strength, longevity, wisdom, luck, and prosperity. Throughout ancient history, olive branches were offered in religious ceremonies as symbols of purity and benediction. Olive trees are also famous emblems of peace and harmony. 

Olive trees are prized for their fruit and the olive oil they produce, the less known Olive wood is hard, dense, and boasts a unique appearance, rich colors and fine grains.

Olive wood’s natural strength makes it ideal for household objects. 

Taking proper care of your olive wood pieces means you can enjoy the elegance of the olive tree for many years to come. You can keep take care of your olive wood items by occasionally polishing them with any food safe natural oil* (which also deepens the wood’s natural hues). Always stick to hand washing and never soak them in water. *coconut oil, olive oil etc. 

In this collection we included our Kalamata Olives, cold pressed virgin Olive oils and natural olive soaps like the original Marseille soap.