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Van Verre

Sustainable Olive wood Handmade Sugar Spoon

Sustainable Olive wood Handmade Sugar Spoon

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Use this olive wood Spoon for sugar, salt or any everyday spice. A real beauty paired up with our coconut bowl.

Olive wood is extremely hard; in fact, it is one of the hardest of all woods. Olive wood utensils remain smooth and intact for a long, long time, whereas regular wood items start to fray around the edges fairly quickly. 

The sun-dried wood is hand carved by Tunisian craftsmen who carfully follows the veins of the tree. Our Olive Wood items are only treated with grape seed oil. 

Impact: Olive trees can live for hundreds of years, and while they take a long time to grow, the wood is often a by-product of the agricultural industry, since trees eventually stop producing good fruit. This makes olive wood a sustainable material. Van Verre takes part in a preservation program launched by the Tunisian government; for every olive tree that is cut, a new one is planted.

Care: A rinse with warm water is more than sufficient to wash the robust olive wood’s. Do not put it into the dishwasher or use any detergent. A gentle rub of olive oil feeds the wood and enriches its lively markings, allowing this exceptional product to be enjoyed for years. It’s a piece of nature on your table. Enjoy!


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