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Collection: Happy Tabs

A unik brand story:  Happy tabs - So many reasons to smile! 

Happy Tabs is focusing on three things; splendid natural oral care, less plastic waste and giving back! Enable people to make more sustainable choices in terms of oral care and plastic waste reduction.

Loads of toothpaste tubes end up in landfills and oceans. On top of that, most conventional toothpastes are  are filled with unnecessary heavy chemicals , fillers and artificial fragrances, dyes, and sweeteners. 

Happy Tabs toothpaste tablets are free from harsh chemicals , sls, and artificial sweeteners and completely plastic free. 

By purchasing Happy Tabs products you are directly supporting the #Youbrushwedonate program. 5% of profits are donated to The Ocean Clean Up and The Healthy Teeth Foundation. Two organizations that are deeply committed to social and environmental causes.