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Suncatcher Butterfly - light catcher - window crystal

Suncatcher Butterfly - light catcher - window crystal

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Suncatchers are one of the trend products of the season in the living area, as they magically distribute the sun throughout the room. The rays shine into the crystal ball and so the rainbow dots are distributed on the wall.

Made in Europe - The suncatchers are all made individually in a studio in Hamburg - Germany.

This butterfly suncatcher come with a gold-colored brass chain and a decorative element - a dragonfly - and the prism, framed in a gold ring. They are also a beautiful eye-catcher when the sun isn't shining.

The window crystal is 3cm in diameter and the chain is about 50cm long. A simple hook is attached for hanging, you can also use it to make a loop by placing the hook further down in the chain.

The suncatchers are delivered - wrapped in tissue paper - in a decorative box with a hand-stamped imprint: You Crazy Diamond. 

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