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Tall Taper Dinner Candle 30 cm Saffron yellow

Tall Taper Dinner Candle 30 cm Saffron yellow

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Share your light with this tall Saffron yellow dinner candle.

The taper candles are 100% natural, eco-friendly and hand crafted from certified palm oil combined with coconut wax. The candles are unscented.The taper candle will last for 7-8 hours and is available in different natural colours.

Notice! Price per unit - mix and match the colours as you want

  • Dimensions: 2,5x30 cm the base is standard size and fits most candle holders
  • Material: certified palm oil and coconut wax
  • Fairly Made in: Java, Indonesia
All products are handcrafted from 100% natural and eco-friendly materials. They can slightly vary in size, shape and colour but are all 100% original.

Origins: The producer of these candles is located in a small village in East-Java, Indonesia and is certified Fair Trade according to WFTO. This organisation supports the local community by bringing jobs to this area. They empower women and train them in the special hand pouring candle making process and in other different life skills. The women work in a safe environment, earn fair wages and are proud to contribute to their family and community income.

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