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Scented Candle "Coton de paradis” Cotton flower

Scented Candle "Coton de paradis” Cotton flower

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This large Cotton flower Scented Candle come in a handmade ceramic container.

Elevate your senses with this large Cotton flower scented candle, thoughtfully crafted to enhance your ambiance. Our ceramic container candles are more than just a source of light; they are a masterpiece of artisanal craftsmanship and eco-consciousness.

Handmade in France Size : 370 g 

Key Features:

  1. Ceramic Container: This scented candles come in elegant ceramic containers, adding a touch of sophistication to any space. Each container is meticulously designed and crafted, making every piece a unique work of art.

  2. Pure and Natural: We take pride in using only the finest ingredients. Our candles are made from 100% vegetable-based, non-GMO European soy wax. This sustainable choice not only burns cleaner but also supports responsible agriculture.

  3. Scented Bliss: Immerse yourself in the aroma of our fresh cotton flowers, knowing they are created without CMR and devoid of animal-derived materials. Breathe easy as you enjoy the fragrant embrace of our scents.

  4. Eco-Friendly Wick: The wick of our candles is thoughtfully constructed from cotton threads and ecological papers, ensuring a clean and sustainable burn. 

  5. Handcrafted with Love: Each candle is lovingly hand-poured in the south west of France in the the picturesque Arcachon Bay, where craftsmanship meets nature's beauty. Our candles are a testament to the artistry of our skilled artisans.

  6. Stay Unik: Our commitment to artisanal production means that every ceramic container may feature slight variations, making your candle a truly one-of-a-kind piece that adds a personal touch to your home.

Indulge in the luxurious world of scents and craftsmanship with our scented candles.

Create a soothing atmosphere, support eco-conscious practices, and make every moment uniquely special with our ceramic container candles.


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