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Chakra thumbled stone Bracelet Card - Breathe in Breath out

Chakra thumbled stone Bracelet Card - Breathe in Breath out

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Breathe in Breath out! 

7 Chakras Bracelet  with mixed Natural Stones, each stone has a unik shape. 
Harmonize your 7 Chakras with this bracelet made with semi-precious and natural stones.

In Tibet, the 7 Chakras have a very important place in personal balance. Thanks to them, you will find spiritual, mental and physical balance. 

  • Bracelet made of various mixed gemstones
  • Comes with a Unik silk bag made of recycled sarees
  • Card in DIN A6 format (10.5 x 14.8 cm) offset printed. Natural paper of high quality and environment 0.2 thick. Protected by a biodegradable transparent bag made of corn. 
  • This bracelet is made of Red Garnet / Carnelian / Onyx / Blue Chalcedony / Lapis Lazuli / Amethyst / Rock Crystal / Moonstone . Made in Brazil ,
  • Approximate size of the piece: 16cm - One size fit all. 
  • Thread material: Elastic rubber 
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