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Pestemal Towel or Throw Milos Light Blue, Grey & Mustard

Pestemal Towel or Throw Milos Light Blue, Grey & Mustard

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You can use this versatile and handloomed fabric as a beach towel but also as a beautiful throw in your home. 

While durable and long-lasting, to the skin the pestemal is warm, gentle and comforting, making it ideal to be worn as a shawl or scarf. However, it takes up very little space, is lightweight and easy to carry, so is the ideal travel companion and easy to roll up for an on-the-go beach towel, but can also be used as a blanket or bed bed throw in your home. Its use reaches as far as your imagination! 

  • Quick drying
  • Long lasting
  • Light weight
  • Natural Fibers
  • Handloomed

The Pestemal towel has been evolving over the last 600 years to become the towel of choice both for its highly absorbent and ultra-quick drying properties, but also for its comfort and elegance. Hand loomed from natural fibres of cotton, it is lightweight, smooth and yet durable. Its extensive use over the centuries means that it has undergone many modifications and refabrication to be exactly the preferred multipurpose material it is today. With a strong Mediterranean heritage each pestemal is named after a Greek island.

Dimenssions: 200cm long  x 90cm wide

Material: 100% handloomed cotton 

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