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Magnetic Minimalist Soap holder - Made in France

Magnetic Minimalist Soap holder - Made in France

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The French accessory for more hygienic, aesthetic and durable solid soap care.
Magnetic minimalist soap dish made in France.

Its advantages :

  • Very powerful; supports up to 200 g soap vertically 
  • Minimal. Almost invisible, it is mobile and can be fixed without drilling or gluing.
  • it is maintained vertically on smooth, clean walls (smooth tiles, mirrors, glass, sinks, bathtubs).
  • Economical: Quick and complete drying guaranteed. Longer soap life.
  • Contributes to the integration through work of people with disabilities. Made in france supporting french crafts. 

Compatible with all types of solid care (soaps, shampoos etc.)

Net weight

12 grams


- Stainless steel capsule, 23 mm in diameter
- Neodymium magnet treated against corrosion.
- Diameter of the suction cup: 35 mm - Flexible PVC without phthalates, accepted for the manufacture of toys, childcare articles and packaging in contact with foodstuffs.

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