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Kohi Cast iron teapot 1,2l iron

Kohi Cast iron teapot 1,2l iron

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Cast iron Teapot - Iron jug - Coffee pot with wooden handle 

Cast iron products of the brand ja-unendlich are handmade works of art, made in the rare sand casting process according to Japanese tradition. With up to 40 elaborate work steps, each product is a colorful unique piece, color and size may differ slightly.

Quality, aesthetics and sophistication are three sisters that could not be more different and yet complement each other perfectly. 

The cast iron teapot is enamelled on the inside and comes with a stainless steel sieve. Cast iron is characterized by its ability to store heat and cold for longer – an advantage of enjoying warm tea longer, but also to cool drinks. The enclosed instruction manual reveals how you will enjoy this unique and shapely product for a long time with the right application and the material-related longevity.

Product dimensions, as shown:

- 1.2l filling quantity
- 18.0 x 11.5 x 16.5 cm (L/W/H)
- Weight of the jug 1,80 Kg

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