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Large Ceramic mug handmade three colour stripes

Large Ceramic mug handmade three colour stripes

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The stoneware collection is refined with its minimal design. These large cups has a glossy glaze, they are true eye catchers and easy to match with our teapots. The cups are made with eye for details and can be used as are tea mug, large cappuccino or latte mug, designed to be attractive for daily use. It is dishwasher and microwave safe.

It is a modern design, combining shiny textures. Combine with the teapot and smaller mug from the same collection. 

The mug is made in a pottery in Hanoi, run by the eighth generation of the family. The ceramist uses local resources en mixes the (non-toxic) colours himself. These food safe products are baked at high temperatures which make them dishwasher and microwave safe.*

  • Size: ø8x10cm 350 ml 
  • Care instructions: Dishwasher safe
  • Matreial: Stoneware

A "Unik" brand story: Kinta's  business is based on the principle of fair trade. The collection comes about through a unique symbiosis of local products and western designs. Kinta likes to do business directly, without intermediaries, togather with the producers, usually small family businesses. Supporting them with training and advice. They continuously check to see if anything can be improved in the products, production processes and working conditions. Kinta's products are made from natural and recycled materials which are sufficiently and sustainably available in the regions where they are purchased. They are all made using traditional techniques valuating local know how. 

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