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Greek Wildflower Honey

Greek Wildflower Honey

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This wildflower honey reveals a bouquet of complex flavors thanks to the diversity of plants found in the mountains of the Peloponnese. You will appreciate its caramelized taste and notes of candied fruit.

It enhances herbal teas and goes perfectly with cheese.

Kalios discovered rare honeys from small Peloponnesian producers. Guaranteed 100% fresh and natural, unheated, conditioned immediately after harvest and before crystallization to preserve their antioxidant qualities and their aromas.

Tasting notes: Caramel and candied fruit.

Use: Suitable for your infusions and to combine with cheese and granola.

Size: Net Weight 250g Height 8cm Diameter 7cm

A "Unik" brand story: Chantzios Brothers Pierre-Julien et Grégory decided to bring their family Olive Oil to the top restaurants in Paris. Going around with a scooter they visited the best establishments in the French capital. Due to their exceptional taste their Olive Oils had great success, and the rest is history! "The olive oil run in our veins", as they say, proud to produce their oil since 1832. 

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