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Beard brush beech wood with vegan trim

Beard brush beech wood with vegan trim

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SMALL AND FUNCTIONAL - With this beard brush you can maintain, clean and shape your beard, regardless of whether it is a full beard, mustache, mustache, goatee, goatee or a casual three-day beard.

  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS - The brush is made of oiled beech or oak wood with a dense bristle field made of a fiber-bristle mixture. Fiber is a heat-resistant, yellowish vegetable fiber from a species of agave. The bristles are vegan, robust and durable.
  • SUSTAINABLE - We only use high-quality wood - FSC 100% certified, which means that you can purchase a piece of wood from well-managed forests.
  • MADE IN GERMANY - The brushes are made with a lot of love and precision craftsmanship in the Black Forest.
  • HANDY - High quality beech wood FSC 100% certified | Dimensions: approx. 22 x 75 x 30 mm | Trim: fiber blend (vegan)
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