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Authentic paring knife TAU NHO

Authentic paring knife TAU NHO

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Tau Nho impresses with its simplicity and functionality. The very simple design gives it a rustic, almost antique look. The same applies to this knife: small in size but every chef needs one. Despite its simple design, it is a precise knife. Lightweight and slim, it allows for fine cuts. A tapered blade makes it easy to clean stone fruit, strawberries, mushrooms and other garden treats. 

  • Total: 20cm
  • Blade: 8cm
  • Blade thickness: 1mm
  • Material: Carbon steel, unlike stainless steel it need extra care* 
  • Handle: riveted, zedrach wood
  • Areas of application: small versatile paring knife

* Read more about care instruction on our knofe collection page

Unik handcrafted knives!

Authentic Blades knives are handcrafted by small family businesses in Vietnam. For this reason, the knives cannot be compared with mass-produced, industrially manufactured knives.

The handles are carved by hand and the blades are cut without punching but by hand and large tin snips. 

The knives may therefore have minor blemishes and differences. However, these deviations do not reduce their functionality, quality and usability but rather contribute to the authenticity and individuality of the kitchen knives. Each piece is unik!

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