Collection: Zero-Waste Dental Care

We all brush our teeth at least twice a day, so it makes sense to do it in a way that's eco-friendly. These are our selected zero-waste products to keep your teeth clean!

Changing to a low impact dental products is a easy and fun thing to do. Our kids love to brush their teeth with the fresh mint toothpaste tablets. All tabs are natural, vegan, and super travel-friendly! Responsibly made in Holland using only high quality ingredients and zero plastic packaging. 

By purchasing Happy Tabs products you are directly supporting The Ocean Clean Up and The Healthy Teeth Foundation. Two organizations that are deeply committed to social and environmental causes. 

So why should you replace your plastic toothbrush? Every year, some 100 million toothbrushes are sold – and that's just in France! A regular toothbrush may take anything from 100 to 1,000 years to break down! A product that rarely weighs more than 20 grams can take a thousand years to degrade. 

Our beechwood toothbrush is made in Switzerland. This luxurious wooden toothbrush is natural, simple and environmentally friendly. Iris Hantverk is a socially engaged brand employing visually impaired artisans. 

Just keep on smiling, there are lots of advantages to brushing your teeth in a eco-friendly way, for you and the planet.