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Rêverie du Soir Scented Candle - Unik by Nature

Rêverie du Soir Scented Candle

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A unique scent of black amber and lavender, tonka bean, vanilla and sage. For a soft and relaxing scent, which invites you to dream and relax.

Ingredients: 100% natural *soy wax, phthalate-free fragrance based on essential oils, cotton wick.  

*Soy-wax gives a much cleaner burn than regular paraffin wax candles as it is non-toxic, a renewable source, natural and burns longer. 

Burn time: Aprox. 40 hours. 

Size: 140g total weight with glass jar 300g 

A "Unik" brand story: After many years abroad Olivia returned to her beloved Provence together with her husband Thomas, after all “why live somewhere else when you can live here"?. The southern French way of life inspired them to start creating apothecary products that were just like Provence: sober, natural, charming and a little magic. 

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