Does size really matter?

Does size really matter?

Size of a business does it matter?

We think it does when it comes to businesses. Here are 4 reasons why shopping from small brands and independant makers makes a difference: 

01_ Most small independent businesses are run by people - not by boards of directors and shareholders, so you get a different kind of care and quality in their product. Instead of focusing on the next market they’re expanding into, they’re focusing on the details and devoted to their craft.

02_ Independant brands carry a true passion for their craft. It is not only about the final product but about the unik story behind, the shared values and passing on their savoir-faire to future generations. Their work is a reflection of who they really are. The true value to their products.

03_ Purchasing from a small business means that you are helping somebody to get a living wage, to raise their families or simply to buy ballet lessons to their children (the last one beeing our case here at Unik).....there is simply no giant investment fund hiding behind which can go on making desissions that you would not agree with. 

04_ Small business owners are one of kind, they are often innovating, positive minded every day heroes, like any endangered species they need all the support they can get! 

Before buying ask yourself this: Who made this? Where? And what is the impact of my purchase? These are all important questions on the path to become a more conscious consumer. 


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