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Olae - Blackheads and acne clearing serum

Olae - Blackheads and acne clearing serum

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Suitable for acne prone skin .

Why is it better? We have used 2 main ingredients . 5% Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate(SAP) is a derivative of Vitamin C that is a very potent antioxidant stooping sebum oxidation . In addition SAP exhibits a powerful antibacterial effect against bacteria that lives in oxidated sebum . 4% Betaine Salycicate is a combination of Betaine (2%) a moisturizer extracted from beets and Salycilic acid/BHA (2%).

The advantage of Betaine salycicate is that it works at pH very close to skin (BHA only works at ph 3.6 one thousand time more acidic than skin). This serum is preserved using sodium levulinate (extracted from wood) and sodium anisate (extracted from star anise spice) . They are the only preservatives that are 100% natural and good for skin .

Please use the bottle within 5 months after opening.

What it does. Research shows that SAP stops sebum oxidation and kills beacteria. Betaine salycicate will clean the gunk from pores.acne.blackheads REAL RESULTS!!!

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