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Najel Damascus rose floral water - hydrosol 200 ml

Najel Damascus rose floral water - hydrosol 200 ml

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Damascus rose hydrosol is an excellent facial toner that cleanses the skin of all impurities. Its astringent action dries up small imperfections on the face and makes them disappear more quickly. Its calming action soothes redness and irritation.

A symbol of regeneration, Damascus rose water has been known since Antiquity to fight effectively against skin aging in a natural way.

The Damask rose is one of the most fragrant rose varieties. Its hydrosol releases an intoxicating fragrance on the skin and leaves a delicious feeling of freshness and well-being.

Daily use in the morning on the face and neck.

Process: from a hydrodistillation of rose flower buds.

Implementation: 1 kg of fresh flowers for 1 L of floral water obtained.

Packaged in its amber pet bottle closed with a black disc-top capsule.

Cosmos Organic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Cosmos standard
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