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Gua Sha massaging lifting Jade tool

Gua Sha massaging lifting Jade tool

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A breath of calm in your busy life. A relaxing daily ritual, 

What it is

Gua sha has been practiced in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. This gua sha tool was built to have a firming, lifting effect on the skin.

A massage tool with natural stones
Three different sides for a full face massage
Practical with its small format, it can be taken everywhere with you
Its regular use improves the appearance of the face and smoothes the skin.

What it does ?
This Jade gua sha allows you to massage your face, for more beautiful and toned skin! Used regularly, it helps to improve the appearance of the face thanks to its 3 different faces:
One smooth side for massaging cheeks, forehead and neck
A rounded side to reduce bags under the eyes
A hollow side to smooth the cheekbones and sculpt the oval of the face

How to use it ?
Apply your daily moisturizer (serum, cream, mask) to clean, cleansed skin and massage gently. Use 5-10 minutes daily for glowing skin.
Tip: For more efficiency, place your gua sha in the refrigerator before using it.

How often? To enjoy the best results, Gua Sha once per day. However, you can still experience the benefits of this ancient East Asian healing technique if you do it two to three times every week.

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