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Ilado Paris

JOY Pregnancy Necklace Pink gold

JOY Pregnancy Necklace Pink gold

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The pendant of this maternity necklace hangs from a twisted silk cord which is beautifully finished with soft, delicate tassels at each end. Roll your maternity necklace over you belly to tenderly soothe your baby with its sweet melody and create an auditory imprint of love and well-being for you and your child.

Once baby is born its familiar sound will have a calming effect, reminding your little one of the bond created throughout your pregnancy and the feeling of comfort and security experienced inside the womb.

Composition: brass pendant covered with 18-carat pink gold ; silk cord
Measurements: pendant diameter: 20 mm, cord length: 1100 mm

Comes with a Maternity Necklace Guide which explains its origin and benefits and provides a description of gestures to perform with the necklace throughout pregnancy. An unforgettable gift to celebrate the magical moment of baby’s arrival into the world.

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