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Amie Pouch Handmade Natural Cotton White Ecru

Amie Pouch Handmade Natural Cotton White Ecru

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This all purpose pouch can be used as you please! Use to carry your travel documents, as a cosmetic bag or why not as a pencil case. Makes a great gift to your beloved friend "Amie".

Handmade with love by women in Delhi, India. 

Material: Heavy weight cotton 340g/m2 inner lining in soft cotton 150g/m2 

Size: 25 x 18 cm

Impact: By buying a Hindbag product you help the Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute in their mission: Empowering women and children to realize their potential - through education, skills & income. Based in Delhi, 70 women are working in the workshop while 500 children from under-privileged families are getting the opportunity to go to school. 

A "Unik" Brand Story: Hindbag was born when a young student, Pierre Monnieraii got in touch with the NGO in Delhi. Hindbag products are handcrafted by women from disadvantaged neighborhoods in return for a salary, training and and education for their children. 

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