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Linen Apron Bon Appetit

Linen Apron Bon Appetit

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This woven 100% natural linen apron is made to last . It has  two stripes left and right with black woven images of the title, ‘Bon Appetit’. With two big frontal pockets.  Perfect for any chef who likes a timeless style, made in France! 

Size: 85 x 83 cm One size fits all. Material: 100% Linen 380 g/m² 

Care: Machine wash up to 60° for the best results let your apron dry naturally. Dry cleaning and tumble drying can weaken the fibres. Iron on a medium to hot heat.

This item is pre-washed for softness. 

Linen is a woven fabric, each piece is unique, containing tiny variations that add a sense of texture and volume. It is very time cunsuming to produce linen yarn. Linen has become a higher priced commodity, and is considered a ‘luxury’ fabric.

Impact: Flax, the plant from which Linen is made, is resilient and can grow in poor soil, using far less water in its consumption than cotton.The whole Flax plant is beeing used – nothing is beeing wasted. 

A "Unik" brand story: With a long history in linen weaving Charvet Éditions are located in Northern France close to the Belgian border in the heart of the linen producing area. Historically, as a weaver for the industrial market, Charvet understands that linen is the fibre for an ethical future.

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