Skin care with the moon - text by Jola @mylifewiththemoon

Skin care with the moon - text by Jola @mylifewiththemoon

Unik by Nature Skin care with the moon

The body and skin care can be wonderfully adapted to the phases of the moon, it's not really about what products you use, but rather when you use these products.

How exactly does one adapt his body care to the phases of the moon?

Basically, there are only two phases that are important - the waning and increasing moon phase.

During these phases, our body needs different things. When we observe this natural rhythm, we can get the most out of our body.

Decreasing moon

The waning moon is the moon between new and full moon.

During the waning moon phase, you should focus on what the body should let go. More specifically, it means that you should focus on detoxification - this includes:

  • Eat healthy, detoxifying food like fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid meat and dairy products as much as possible if you are not already vegan
  • Drink a Lot of Water and Tea - Liquid can help your body flush out toxins
  • Use a brush or glove to rid your skin of dandruff. The so-called 'dry brushing' helps to stimulate the blood circulation under the skin and to rid it of dead skin.
  • Now is the time for scrubs. You can make peels yourself and incorporate detoxifying agents, such as nettle powder, dandelion, turmeric or alumina. You can use these not only for your skin, but also for your hair / scalp
  • Detoxify your armpits - Yes, heard correctly! Because we often use deodorant on a daily basis, our pores can clog and toxins can not be sweated out. Mix green clay with sage oil and a little water to form a paste. Grease the paste under your arms and leave it for at least 10 minutes
  • When you do face masks, detox face masks work best. For especially rich face masks, this is not the best time, as your skin will not absorb it very well. Focus on facial masks that focus on clearing your skin
  • In addition to face masks, you can of course also apply hair masks. Apple cider vinegar rinses work especially well during the Falling Moon period. Then you can make an alumina mask for the hair
  • Now is the time for manicure and pedicure - especially the Gemini and Pisces days with their focus on hands and feet are particularly suitable. Make sure, however, that there are no cuticle injuries on these days, as they may take longer to heal
  • Sweating is announced! Sweating is one of the best detoxification methods. Now is the time for cardio training and sauna sessions.
  • Also, detoxification exercises should take place during a waning moon. It is best to put the end of your detox on the new moon day, since the highest detoxification effect prevails here.

Increasing Moon

The waxing moon is the moon between new moon and full moon.

As the moon grows, you should focus on all the things that care for your body and help it build up:

  • Eat fruits, vegetables and healthy carbohydrates and fats, but be careful not to take too many calories as the body is now very fast recovery
  • Also in this phase you should drink a lot of water, because water is always good for the body. You can give fruits to your water to bring some variety in
  • During the waxing moon is not a good time for scrubs, because the skin can react very sensitive. If you want to use an exfoliant, make sure it is very gentle. In addition, you should not express pimples now because there is a risk that scars remain
  • Now is the time for extra care - moisture and rich creams you can now use very well. Now you can use a little more - unless you have very sensitive skin and are prone to acne
  • It's face masks time! You can even mix your face masks - with aloe vera, powdered plant milk etc. Now everything is absorbed by your skin very well
  • You can also use hair masks - for example, simply massage coconut oil into the hair or other oils such as castor, jojoba, avocado oil, etc. Add essential oils, for an extra level of care
  • Even muscles can now be built faster - so the right time for weight training
  • The full moon completes the increasing and nurturing phase and at the same time has the greatest power. On the full moon day, all substances are particularly well absorbed by the skin, used properly, your skin will benefit for a long time. Make sure not to let harmful substances on your skin

Afterwards one more thing - when would be the perfect time for a wellness weekend? Well, that depends on what you want to achieve with it. When it comes to relaxing, doing the skin a bit well, then the waxing moon lends itself to you, but you should be careful not to over-do body scrubs and do not overdo it with the sauna. On the other hand, if you focus on clearing the skin and detoxifying, then it is better during a waning moon phase 🙂

text by Jola @mylifewiththemoon

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