Rhassoul clay - From the Atlas mountains into your bathroom

Rhassoul clay - From the Atlas mountains into your bathroom

Unik by Nature Rhassoul clay
Rhassoul is a highly absorbent volcanic clay found on the beds of lakes in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. Unique for containing higher micronutrients than most other clays. The etymology of the word Rhassoul comes from Arabic, meaning "to wash" or "to purify".
Coming from a unique location, Rhassoul is extracted from the underground galleries of the Tamdafelt quarry in Boulemane in Morocco.
It is a saponiferous clay, which means that it contains a significant amount of natural foaming saponins. Some plants create saponin to protect themselves from microbial parasites.

Rhassoul is exceptional:

to detoxify | mops up toxins, dirt & excess oil from skin; perfect to unblock pores, stubborn blackheads, aid eczema & hypersensitive skin.

for a smooth appearance | high concentration of silica gives your skin's texture a smoother appearance and magnesium energises skin for a soft, natural glow (especially on days when skin looks sallow from poor sleep).

as a hair conditioner | strengthens roots and absorbs impurities that clog hair follicles, which frees up room for new hair to grow faster; results in vibrant and voluminous hair in the long term.


Face/Body: For face, mix 1tbs clay with 2x water into paste. Increase accordingly for whole body mask. Massage into skin. Leave on for 5-8 mins. Dampen occasionally to keep clay from drying. Rinse off till water runs clear. Follow with Argan Oil to moisturise, if needed.

Hair/Scalp: Mix 3x water to clay. Apply to wet hair & scalp & massage all through. Leave for few mins. Rinse thoroughly till water runs clear. Follow with Argan Oil or Raw Apple Cider Vinegar for extra conditioning, if needed.

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