Unik by Nature Sidai Designs

Empowering women through fashion

Unik by Nature Sidai Designs

Maker of the month; Sidai Designs Arusha, Tanzania

One of a kind

All Sidai Designs pieces are 100% handmade by Maasai beaders in Tanzania, two pieces will never be exactly the same. With different hands crafting each piece, celebrating the uniqueness of the slight irregularities and differences between them, truly making them one of a kind. 

Sidai Designs works with Maasai women, using their traditional beading skills to create contemporary luxury jewellery pieces. Women in patriarchal Maasai communities are some of the most disadvantaged in Tanzania. They have no right to own property or livestock, have limited access to education and are often forced to marry at a very young age. As a largely nomadic population, they also face difficulties accessing basic healthcare.

Sidai Designs aims to create sustainable employment among Maasai women and help them achieve financial independence while retaining traditional artisan skills. Empowering women and girls to go on to help their community.

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