Buy You Favourite Long Silk Kimono From Unik By Nature

Buy You Favourite Long Silk Kimono From Unik By Nature

Our long silk kimono can be worn in two colors, depending on your disposition. Vintage saris of the highest quality silk create these exquisite kimonos. Like you, each kimono is one-of-a-kind.

  • The large style of the reversible long silk kimono makes them flattering on a wide range of body shapes, and each one is truly unique.
  • Eco-friendly, reversible, and created from various vintage saris Kimonos. The result is a look appropriate for the office and a Sunday spent lounging.

Tips for putting on a kimono

Use the provided belt as a Kimono at home, or try long reversible kimono as a long silk wrap dress for special occasions. You can dress it up with your favorite pair of jeans or down for a day at the beach with some shorts. The silk long kimono is a favorite piece of luggage because it is versatile and easy to pack.


Eco-friendly clothing manufactured in India. The Women kimono is made from recycled saris, making them environmentally friendly. Indian ladies have worn these saris in the past. Thus they may have minor flaws like little stains or loose threads. But we find these defects add character and charm to the garments. From one lady to another, they convey the history and affection of the previous owner. 

There is nothing else quite like a women's kimono jacket. Models are one-of-a-kind because each print is selected by hand in India.

You can wear either side out, as the woman beach kimono is reversible. It has a natural drape, a generous cut, and wide, elbow-length sleeves.


Women kimono set is made from recycled silk sarees.


  • Personal washer with quick cycle (30 degrees)
  • Rapid Reversal
  • Let it dry in the fresh air.
  • Put away the chemicals!
  • Use the iron at its lowest setting only when necessary.
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