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Beldi Recycled Hand-Blown small Moroccan Glass - Unik by Nature
Beldi Recycled Hand-Blown small Moroccan Glass - Unik by Nature
UNC Amsterdam

Beldi Recycled Hand-Blown small Moroccan Glass

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What a beautiful way to recycle old jars and bottles!

This small sized Beldi glass is not only traditional but made from something that is so often thrown away.

You can use this small glass for hot drinks, like tea or coffee. But also ideal to serve small appetizers or desserts. The size is also ideal as a tealightholder. 

All our recycled glasses are handblown in Marocco. They all have small irregularities, the odd bubble here or a little dent there - we think this adds to their beauty. Every piece is unik! 

The recycled glass has a light "aqua" colour making it's shadows magic when hit by the sunlight. 

We love the fact that a few years ago this craft had almost disappeared but has now been rejuvenated and is on-trend globally. 

Size: Diameter 6cm Height 7cm  

Care: Dishwasher safe suitable for hot or cold drinks. Not microwave safe.

Impact: Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity. 

Meet the Maker: Outside Marrakesh, the Beldi is an enchanted garden. The tamed nature has become a heaven of freshness. Visitors can wander aimlessly and discover a ‘douar’, a typical Moroccan village. With a souk with colourful stalls and a glass-blowing workshop. In the glass-blowing workshop, using 100% recycled glass, the glass blowers make a diverse range of glasses, bowls, bottles, salad bowls and vases. The workshop is the last of its kind producing traditional glassware in Morocco and therefore contributes to the preservation of the craft.

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