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Organic Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil 500 ml - Unik by Nature

Organic Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil 500 ml

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This exceptional oil offers a fruity and highly aromatic taste. Produced from Greek organic olives freshly harvested by hand at the beginning of the season. Reveals intense aromas and a final of pepper. With a very low acidity rate, less than 0.35%, it ranks among the greatest olive oils. This particular Olive oil is the choice of top chef Juan Arbelaez. 

After bringing their olive oils to France’s top restaurants, Kalios wanted to develop a range available for the public. The Kalios family produced only one type of olive oil, so they went on a tour of the Peloponnese in search of the highest-quality small producers. After several months of research, we were able to create a range of four extra-virgin olive oils selected and sponsored by leading chefs.

Ingredients: Hand-picked Koroneiki olives from Greece, This product is respecting the natural cycle and is 100% organic

Use: Ideal for salads, steamed vegetables and raw vegetables. We suggest to use it raw to maintain it's fine flavour.

Size: 500 ml Height 12,5cm Width 6,5cm Depth 4cm

A "Unik" brand story: Chantzios Brothers Pierre-Julien et Grégory decided to bring their family Olive Oil to the top restaurants in Paris. Going around with a scooter they visited the best establishments in the French capital. Due to their exceptional taste their Olive Oils had great success, and the rest is history! "The olive oil run in our vein", as they say, proud to produce their oil since 1832. 

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