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Winter snow Rock Crystal Gemstone Tree - 160 & 80 stones

Winter snow Rock Crystal Gemstone Tree - 160 & 80 stones

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Like the first winter snow! 

This Rock Crystal feng shui tree of life sculpture are made of natural stone, which makes them incredibly durable. Each sculpture is unik, with its own distinctive coloring and markings. 

Gemstone Tree is handmade from real natural & untreated Rock Crystal stones and mounted on a rock bases.The copper branches can be artfully arranged, you can give the form and shape that you want. The rock base has a handpainted engraved flower on one side, this flower can vary in colour, just turn the tree around if you don't like the flower ornament. 

The more crystals, the better. The price is based on the amounts of gemstones used.

Height aprox. 160 Stones 19.5cm, Width 6cm, Length 4cm

                       80 Stones 17.5, Width 5, Length 4

The feng shui tree of life is a powerful symbol of growth, fertility and abundance. In Chinese tradition, it is often used as a cure for negative energy and a symbol of good luck.

We love the place it infront of a mirror to duplicate the tone leaves, or in a place with natural light to create interesting tree shadows, the choice is yours! 

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