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Sacred Feminine Notebook & Astrology

Sacred Feminine Notebook & Astrology

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This notebook is a 38-page guide to advice on taking time for yourself.

It is an invitation to delve into one’s interiority and discover the mysteries and potential of the sacred feminine through astrology and rituals. Take the time to reconnect with your soul and your inner truth, rediscover your deep nature to become aware of your full potential. Note! with french text 

The Womoon feminine sacred & astrology notebook contains:

☾ A definition of what the sacred feminine is.

☾Keys to understanding and finding the balance between sacred feminine and masculine.

☾How to (re)connect with your sacred feminine through creativity, the menstrual cycle, moon rituals, intuition or even dance and writing…

☾ An introduction to astrology and reading its star chart.

☾ The symbolism of the planets and astrological signs explained.

☾ Many rituals to connect with your wild feminine. Printed in France on 100% recycled paper.
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